Tuesday, January 5, 2016

my year of YES { it's not a resolution }


I adore the idea of resolutions. Fresh starts. The start of New Years. A brand new slate. But I always fail when I make resolutions. And then I feel so bad about myself. I always make broken promises saying I will try again tomorrow, next week. I'll get it right soon. But it never happens. When the new year was approaching, I felt like I wanted to do something new- but I didn't want to put it into the category of a resolution. I took my thoughts and prayed about it- for a while. What God has placed on my heart is this- and hopefully it will help you too.

1. Expectations. It's my worst enemy. When I put too many on myself- I give up. When I ask myself to reach the impossible in my own strength- I will fail. Over and over. 

2. Resolutions are empty promises. Unless we take our intentions for the new year and ask Him to help and direct us- it will never succeed. Lesson, big time learned. 

I also love the idea of the one word 365, but I wanted it to be something that I could take with me everyday and into every situation. Every circumstance. Not just a word, but a way of life. A word that would force me to do the hard work that Jesus laid on my heart for this year. 

My word this year is---> YES 

Yes to all the things I would of always said no to. Yes to overcoming fear. Yes to letting go of things that aren't for me anymore. Yes to growing into new skin. Yes to being brave. Yes to shedding weight. Yes to forgiveness. Yes to unplugging. Yes to His strength and not my own. Yes to His ways and not mine. Yes to everything bigger than me that I don't have control of. 

I'm not exactly sure what that will all look like. But no expectations, no worldly plan, no assumptions, no calculating. Just Jesus and just my heart open wide. Yes to trust. 

I'm not HIM, but he's already promised me if I am faithful- He will take me farther. And friends, this year I turn 30. I want to quit wasting time, quit being distracted, quit comparing and running the race of this life. I just am so ready to see what He does and what He paints for my family and I. Im jumping all in.

If you have a resolution- turn into a journey to take this year between you and the Lord. You have a million more chances of succeeding than doing it alone.

If you want to follow what the journey my year of yes will look like- I am documenting that here- on my Instagram. And on this blog from now on you will get to read more from my heart on what it means. #yearofyes

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  1. So excited to see where your #yearofyes takes you!! Excited to follow along here and on instagram! So thankful we found each other in the online world, I love your heart! Have a great night friend!