Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Pop them tags



I used to be a slave to spending so much money on kids clothes. 1. I thought being a new mom I had to 'keep up with the world' and 2. I wanted to fit in... Oh and 3. I didn't want anybody to think I couldn't afford the matching outfit with the matching bow and shoes and carseat.

Flash forward 6 years, and I have given up on those things. Why? Because I got real with myself and our budget. I stopped trying to fit in with the other moms. I stopped having anxiety about matching and if we could afford the next outfit. Addictions are real, and they can sneak in alongside our insecurities. 

So one day I went into Goodwill, and came out a completely different person with a crazy new perspective. I was throwing a lot of money away and creating havoc for our finances. I didn't even realize. How a shirt at Walmart can be $10 and you can nearly find the same thing at Goodwill for a dollar. Serious. Today I want to let you in on my secrets I stopped by brand new things. You wouldn't believe the nicest brand name clothes people just donate or put in a yard sale! 

Here are my best kept secrets and some mis conceptions about second hand buying. 

~ misconception one- used is stained, ugly and wore out. Reality- some of it is. I agree. But you can't just look through one or two items and give up. Look through the whole rack. 

~misconception two- my children will get laughed at if they see them wearing used clothes. Reality- nobody even knows you got it used. For all they know it's been in your closet.

~misconception three- people will judge me if they even knew I walked into a Goodwill or a yard sale. Reality- you are being a smart mama with your finances. And if they judge- that's on them and not you! 

~misconception four- my favorite of all of them- all of Goodwill clothes are from the 1980's and out of date. Reality- NOPE! $30 dress from Justice looking like new for $2? Old navy jeans $25 dollars marked to $1.50? Like new Christmas dress $3?? You get my drift. 

My best kept secrets? No shame. If you want to keep your family finances in tact and you don't want to become a slave to buying outrageous priced things- enjoy hand me down. It's all my girls wear and we get compliments like crazy! I get asked all the time where I buy their clothes- and I can't help but feel proud I put away the need to compete. Don't feel bad or sad about it. Oh the possibilities of second hand. And I want to teach my daughters it's not about fitting in, keeping up with the latest brand new items. It's about managing our home, our family and our life. I will post more on my Instagram of the deals I get so you can be inspired also. And if you do shop second hand, please share your tips and tricks.



  1. I love this! I used to thrift shop / garage sale like crazy for my boys. I loved finding great finds and agree that there is so much great stuff out there if you spend the time looking! I got a little burned out on thrifting, I think because my husband worked at a thrift store for a few years and we spent a LOT of time there, so I haven't done it as much in the past couple years but I still shop super thrifty for kids clothes. Old Navy and Crazy 8 are my favorite stores to find clearance clothes. Crazy 8 often goes down to about $3.99 and Old Navy clearance can go down even lower if you wait long enough and scour the clearance sections! I've been working on a post about saving money on kids' clothes for my blog so I was excited to see this post! 😊

  2. Totally understand sweet friend. Yes new clothes on clearance is an amazing find!

  3. Love this! Proud of your savvy techniques you are far above the gang for being economical and can put your money elsewhere such as a vacay! Love u A

  4. We go thrifting a lot - I find good deals on everything that way and saves us so much money! Our Goodwill is kind of small - but there are still great finds there, I couldn't agree more with this post and your secrets either! Kids grow so fast it's impossible for us to constantly be buying name brand clothes every time they grow.

  5. Oh I love this! I'm all about a good deal and saving money. I shop the clearance racks like crazy. Our nearest goodwill is 40 minutes away but resale shops are my best friend.

    I haven't thought about it as an addiction before but you are right. I've bought the cute boutique stuff for ridiculous prices so that my little guy will have a unique wardrobe.

    I loved your thoughts on this subject. :)

  6. Great post. Love your blog and I hope you will visit mine! - Seri from

  7. I am a thrift store, gage sale, and clearance store shopper. It's fun to see what treasure I can find.