Thursday, May 7, 2015

leaving a season + beginning one

Hello beautiful friends- from an early morning here in Tennessee.

I stopped blogging a long time ago. I quit cold turkey- because I didn't realize until now that I was dealing with some of the hardest years of my life through that blog. I got weakened by trying to measure up and keep up. Ultimately I had to shut down. My blog and my heart. I had to really go into a hiding to hear God say what was next.

I will go into that further down the road. Here you can find hospitality and acceptance. My page is just my heart- its no competing for followers, traffic or the best graphics. I'm not going to give you advice and act like I have it all together. I fail so many times daily. I've lived a hard past. I am scarred and broken and needing Jesus. 

What I am going to share is the things I have listed in the tabs above under my header. Real things, hard things, messy things, raw things.

I don't want to put out perfect blog posts with perfect pictures. Here I will show you exactly what real life in my home looks like and feels like. 

I'm going to keep things simple. There won't be a bunch of hoopla here. Just me.

If you know me from personal life or instagram (which is my favorite) or Facebook (which is my least favorite- but we will get to that soon) - welcome back. If you are new, can't wait to hear your story and share with you.

Sometimes, even so bittersweet, we must leave the season we are in for something new. God is so good like that.

welcome, sweet friends

To southern grace + coffee. 

Much love,


  1. Ashley, this is one of the reasons I love you! You are humble and real and just so sweet! Can't wait to read more! <3

  2. I adore you! I am excited to see you blogging again and look forward to the journey.

  3. Eeeeeek!! So glad to have you back girlie!! Great minds must think alike...I started back blogging on Monday...ikr! I just felt the time was right. I so get it Ash. I just stopped cold turkey also! Just didn't feel it anymore, I was satisfied with just working on my novel. :-) Like you, I just got worn out trying to keep up, trying to get followers, trying to get the SEO just right...ya know? It made blogging so not fun anymore. But I like it this way...blogging on my own terms, when I feel like it! So glad to have you ya!! <3 <3

  4. Yay! So glad you're blogging again! Even though we've never met in person, I just love how down to earth you are. Thanks for striving to 'keep it real' and not try to have that staged, perfect life that doesn't exist. I had to back away from social media and blogging a bit myself for those very reasons! Looking forward to reading!

  5. Yay!!!! Love that you are back blogging.

  6. Well done. It seems our blogging stories have many similarities:) <3

  7. So happy your back! It is good to see you enjoying the thing a you love to do :) love you sweet sister! Adrian

  8. I'm excited to read along on your beautiful journey! I also lack hoopla. ;)

  9. Hello sweet Insta friend! I have been wanting to stop by for so long now. I am SO glad I finally did... Frankly the main reason why it has taken me so long is for all the reasons you listed. I am walking through the door of putting my blog to rest. I think more aptly, putting it at the foot of the cross. I know He led me to blogging, but I fear it has become something other than what He intended. So I need to seek Him. Slow down. And wait. To stop and just be mama, wife, and child of the most high. To rest and listen. I am so blessed to find you out there in Instaland :) You are a bright shining star for the Lord. Thank you xx