Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What works for me {life as a wife of a traveling husband}

My husband is actually home right now, so I am able to steal a few moments to write this.

I have such heart for women who go through this heart ache of not having their husband everyday, that I wanted to share some of the things that's worked for me, which hasn't come easy. There have been so many stressful days, tearful nights- but finally I feel I have come through a little bit better and wiser to share. 

- I am at Gods feet daily. On the toughest days where I want to scream with housework, laundry, errands, kids- knowing I have to do it all myself- can be so tough on my mind. And knowing there is no break. This has been the on the heavy days- where I've broken and knew I needed Jesus daily- in the darkest hour. I fail so much, I just have gotten into a routine of asking for grace and forgiveness sometimes hourly. I pray in Walmart, in the car, doing the dishes. I ask for help + grace so much. Instead of getting on my phone checking social media- I open my phone to you version bible app. It's convienent for me because late at night when I'm holding a baby and can't turn on a light to open a bible- I have the one on my phone. It's a must have for me. 

-I stop listening to people's opinions. Especially the ones who have no idea what I go through. I only listen to encouragement. 

- I have accepted help. Which is so very difficult for me to even muster up. But if people love you- they will just help- no questions asked. My daddy comes here on the weekends and brings lunch and does my dishes. My neighbors mow my yard. People invite us to dinner or bring dinner over. Thank you Jesus for all the beautiful souls who have reached out to my girls and I through the rough days. I am beyond grateful. God puts people in our lives to bless. Every small or big act of kindness is so amazing to me. 

-I get sleep. When the kids are down for a nap- I am right there too. I don't mess with no energy. I have to have every bit of it to do the hard work everyday. I sleep every single second they do. 

- I lessened all the things in my life weighting me down, and I've learned to say no. Social media can suck a person in. It's one of the tricks of the enemy. To get us distracted, to take us away from the intentional. I've learned to take myself away, put the phone down, be deliberate with my family and my time. I also don't say yes to every little thing. I use that word carefully.

- I try and make the most of my fringe hours- which goes hand in hand with being intentional and getting away from social media. I intentionally try my hardest to grab a book, cup of coffee and have a moment to myself which is VITALLY important. Or I turn on an episode of FRIENDS. That time is sacred. 

- I strive to be content. Everybody has a different way of how their family works. And right now, this is how our family works. I try my hardest not to compare, covet what I see others doing or having. Because it steals our joy, makes us depressed, and weary. On the hardest day, I praise Him. It's not easy. It's not something that's natural, but as I do it, I see the blessings and His love so much more clearly. 

I hope this helps. I'm not 100% great at all these, but I am a work in progress. My husband works very hard, and these are ways I have taught my mind and my body to adjust to this season of life. God is the real reason though. He has carried me and continues to. He gives grace-which I need so much of. 



  1. Great tips for everybody! Ash, I'm loving your new blog! Keep it up!

  2. I'm so happy you're blogging again! I love it. These tips are for every mama in every season of life. Boy do I need to do more of them on a daily basis. Keep writing! :)