Monday, July 6, 2015

You would NEVER know these were Thrifted.

I am sharing this post in hopes to inspire other moms to see we don't need to be in the "kid competition" where we fight for the cutest, expensive clothes. I don't thrift everything. If I find a good deal at Walmart, Target, KMart, I shout with glee. :)

I used to be a slave to buying kids clothes thinking I had to keep up, fit in, and feel accepted. Finally after a bunch of cost, my children growing out of them too fast- I realized maybe I should try something different. Here are some snippets of my findings.

Both dresses KMart- on sale $5 a piece. Boots- $1.99 Goodwill

Shirt $1 Yard Sale/ Skirt $3 on sale at Walmart

Dress $1.49 Goodwill

Both dresses Goodwill $1.49 a piece

Old Navy dress $2.49 at Goodwill

It's hard to cloth children at every season. Buying out of season helps me too. Almost all the winter clothes are on sale at summer and vice versa. My tips for Goodwill are to make sure all pieces of clothing are not stained, ripped, and in good condition. Also, don't be a slave to buying those expenseive hair bows. Mostly just something simple in your child's hair is so pretty. 

Hope this helps did me!

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  1. I love thrifting my children's clothes. I can still buy my son (who is 12) used clothing, and my youngest daughter (now 15) will sometimes let me buy her used things. And for myself, I try to thrift everything!